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Introduction to car insurance in South Africa

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If you will soon be taking a family vacation that will bring you to South Africa, or you have plans in the near future to move your family to this area, then you will want to become familiar with the laws that surround automobile insurance and the importance of making sure that you are protected. According to information that has been gathered by the South African Insurance Association, there is as little as 30% of all vehicle operators that are on the roads that have an adequate amount of car insurance protection. This means that there are a countless number of individuals and families that are not provided with coverage that will ensure they are covered against any type of bodily injury or damages that may occur to the vehicle they are driving in the event that a car crash were to occur.

Wrecks Involving Uninsured Motorists Can Be Devastating Situations

There is a variety of different problems that car operators may face if they have not made it a point to purchase auto insurance before a car crash occurs, and as we all know, a car wreck is not the type of tragedy that we have the luxury of being able to foresee.  Becoming involved in an automobile accident with another driver that is not adequately covered with an adequate amount of car insurance is a very frustrating situation to experience. There are many times that innocent victims that have been involved in a car crash with an uninsured motorist will have a very hard time in trying to obtain compensation. Not only is this a challenging situation, but it can often end up taking a large amount of time before an agreement is reached. Other problems that numerous car owners face would include the following:

• Legal fees to obtain compensation can quickly become very expensive
• There is often a variety of delays when trying to obtain compensation
• Many times the automobile owner will not have an adequate amount of witnesses to stand behind the claims he has made
• Statements that are made fraudulently in accident reports can make it almost impossible to obtain compensation against uninsured motorists
• Dishonesty often plays a big part in the fight of trying to obtain monetary awards for damages and injuries that have been suffered in a car crash

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing an adequate amount of vehicle insurance, is it can go a long way to avoiding many of the above situations. Each one of these can have a huge impact on the financial security of any victim that is involved in an accident with an uninsured motorist.
Before You Drink and Drive - Know the Law of South Africa!

If you decide to drink and drive, you will end up with a criminal record, as drinking and driving in South Africa is considered as a criminal offense. Sadly, there has been a 55% increase in the number of drivers that have committed this crime since the year of 2002. The punishment that you may end up facing for breaking this law could include the permanent suspension of your driver’s license, and a possible imprisonment of up to six full years.

Can the Fuel Levy Help When Individuals are involved in Accidents?

As you begin to realize the importance of the information contained in the introduction to car insurance in South Africa and the importance of obtaining vehicle coverage, it is necessary to also realize that automobile insurance is not compulsory in South Africa. Although it is true that each one of us is responsible for paying a fuel levy that is then allocated to South Africa’s Road Accident Fund, it is much more beneficial to rely on insurance coverage that you have purchased. This gives you the assurance that your insurance company will have your back when some type of tragedy strikes and you have incurred damage to the vehicle you were driving when you were involved in an accident, and that you will be compensated for bodily injuries that happened during the vehicle accident.

Road Conditions can be Hazardous

While you may be enjoying the beautiful scenery in South Africa, one thing that is never enjoyed is poor road conditions, the theft of a vehicle, road rage that is continuously rising higher all the time, as well as hijackings that occur. If you happen to be the unfortunate victim of any of these types of situations, you will want to know that you will not have to worry about the high prices of automobile replacement parts, as purchasing an adequate amount of automobile insurance coverage, will keep you protected from having to pay out a large amount of money.
How to Obtain Vehicle Insurance Coverage

There are a variety of well known insurance companies throughout South Africa that will be happy to help you with all of your vehicle coverage needs at some of the most reasonable rates that can be obtained anywhere. The insurance agents of these companies are friendly and courteous, and they are very helpful at providing you with valuable information that every motorist will want to know about automobile insurance and adequate coverage you should obtain to ensure you are protected from accidents, theft, and other situations that can tear a chunk out of your pocketbook.

There are many of these insurance companies that have a website online, making it even easier to locate any type of information that you would like to know, right in the comfort and the privacy of your very own home. Simply browse through the sites and compare coverage options and rates that are offered to ensure that you are able to obtain the most reasonable rates for the insurance options that you select. Once you have purchased your own insurance policy, you will be able to sit back, relax, and benefit from having the peace of mind that you will be covered in the event that any type of tragic accident were to occur involving you and your family.


Stay Protected with Vehicle Coverage from
Dial Direct Car Insurance

When you make the important decision to obtain automobile insurance, you want to make sure that you are receiving the best possible coverage that can be found. Dial Direct Car Insurance is an increasingly popular company that can provide you will the types of coverage that will ensure your utmost protection in the event that you or a member of your family has become involved in an automobile accident.
Four Types of Coverage That Are Available to Clients

As you decide the specific types of coverage that will best suit your individual needs, you have the ability of selecting from four different types of covered. These coverage options are as follows:

•           Comprehensive Insurance
•           Third Party Insurance
•           Fire and Theft Coverage
•           Off-Road Vehicle Coverage

Why Should Consumers of South Africa Select
Budget Insurance?

It is true that the owner and operator of any type vehicle can walk through any door of an insurance company and obtain coverage for the vehicles that they drive. However, you will want to be very careful in choosing to use this method, as not all insurance companies provide the reasonable rates and the variety of coverage options that are offered to all customers that choose to insure their automobiles at Budget Insurance Car Insurance.

Budget Insurance is a trustworthy company that has been depended on by a countless number of customers since it first began serving the South Africa in 1985. The employees and insurance specialists that are employed by this company offer a level of expertise in the field of automobile insurance coverage that is simply not comparable to many other companies of the surrounding areas.

Auto and General Car Insurance – Experienced,
Reliable, and Dependable

Auto and General Car Insurance is very popular vehicle insurance coverage business that continues to become known by a large number of customers located all throughout the South Africa area for the wide variety of professional services that they provide. This is a company that remains dedicated in being able to provide each of their customers with more than just a high level of superiority when it comes to various types of coverage for automobile insurance that is provided. To list the services that this experienced company provides would include the following:
•           Life Insurance
•           Personal Insurance Coverage
•           PPS and Profmed
•           Commercial Insurance Coverage
•           Medical Schemes
•           Investments

Clients of Auto & General Insurance that are Multi-Prof customers also have the beneficial advantage of being supplied with platinum rates.
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